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TREP is a non-profit programme established to provide basic health, balanced education and an ideal environment for the growth and development of under-privileged students of society.

Education without character is useless and dangerous” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

TREP emphasizes not only academics, but also understanding and the practice of devotion and  human values.  It also teaches various ‘life skills’ including: meditation, yoga, cooking, cleaning, service, ecology, flower and vegetable gardening, nutrition,
first aid, drama, music, art, and building maintenance.


ssllt logo A Bangalore based Charitable, Social Service Trust
which has supported the TREP program since it restarted in Bangalore in 2006


OWC – Overseas Women’s Club
A Bangalore based charitable organization
of ex-patriots women living in Bangalore,
whose focus is to help each other and sincere NGOs in Bangalore.
Owc has helped to support the TREP programme each year since 2010.


       SYNERGY                                                                        A Pvt Ltd company which helps to develop Tech parks in and around Bangalore.


Canara bank logo Head office Bangalore. Giver of the prestigious:
Service to Mankind award for humanitarian services to Robert Bobji LeVine, the Director of TREP on Republic Day 26th January 2012.

Canara Bank social service wing also was the donor
of solar panels to the TREP hostel facility in 2012.


 Business consulting firm for development and technology which has helped to pay educational fees for TREP students.



who agree with the philosophy and practice of the TREP principles to our youth
and wished to help support this programme through individual donations by cash or kind or to sponsor individual student(s) in TREP.