TREP Entrance Exam – 13th February, 2022

TREP’s Admission Day

TREP is for any child, boy or girl, irrespective of caste or creed.  It looks for economically poor and needy students who are bright, talented, devotional and self-confident.  Students coming from broken, single parent or orphaned families are given priority for admissions.  The applicants should have some basic knowledge and ability in English – as the TREP programme is an English only speaking residential education programme.

TREP has its admissions or “selection day” in JANUARY or FEBRUARY each year for prospective candidates in 5th and 6th std, both boys and girls.  

Applicant information  is taken for  over 300 candidates each year who apply to be part of TREP

Admissions consists of a 5 step process:

1 – Entrance Examination in English, Math and Science.  

4 - EXAM (2)
Selection of new candidates begins with a general examination in Math, Science and English

2 – Those who pass this written examination will be given an English Oral Test to determine their ability to read, speak and comprehend English.

3 – Those applicants who pass both the written and oral examination will come along with their families for a Personal Family Interview with Management members to personally see the applicant and family and ascertain their family bio-data and economic status.

4 – Those candidates who pass this personal family interview will be called to participate in a 3-Day Trial along with other applicants over a weekend where they involve themselves in the daily routines of TREP along with our existing TREP students.

3-day - EHV

5 – The final deciding factor is the Home Visit done by staff members after the 3-day trial to confirm the economics and bio-data that the family has provided during their personal interview time.

Geetha family - 1
Visit to candidate Geetha’s home for inspection and review

Lucky indeed are those that are finally selected to TREP as usually out of 300 candidates each year who apply, only 5-8% of the total candidates pass the 5-step process and are given the opportunity to be part of TREP.

Over 300 candidates yearly apply to try their luck to be part of TREP