Mission Statement:
To provide the atmosphere, education and inspiration for youth to understand, cultivate and practice human values, discipline, spirituality and life skills in order for them to build character, integrity and self-confidence with a spirit of gratitude, service and surrender.

Our goal is to provide excellent balanced education, training and facilities to poor students in an atmosphere where the student can ‘grow and glow’ into responsible, respectable, value-based citizens with strong self-confidence.

We have various programs in  Academics, Values, Devotion and Life-skills training which we have incorporate into all of our student’s syllabus  and activities to help achieve our goals.

These are our various programs:
ACADEMIC programmes:
Dedicated study times, vocabulary practices, math practices, special coaching in math, science, English, computer experience, general knowledge testing, oral group book reading, writing of value based movies and book reports, library books reading, understand and speaking proper English

VALUE-BASED programmes :
EHV classes, sign boards reading, value based songs singing, competitions in values – knowing and practicing, Quote of the Day, spiritual reading, mauna,  skits – dramas that are value based, movies which show values and inspire us, introspection and journal writing.

DEVOTIONAL programmes :
Daily prayers – chanting Slokas, meditation, food prayers, Agni Hootra, daily Bhajans, daily practice of Namasmarana writing, weekly Astrotra, special Pujas for Varamahalakshmi, Sankranthi, etc. prayers before examinations

LIFE-SKILLS programmes :
TREP has a unique reward Monetary system (TIMS) which inspires and rewards good behaviour.  It helps students to understand and practice the character values, and the value of saving and spending money.

TIMS monetary system used for incentive, motivation and reward

They also learn and practice basic banking systems (keeping ledger with debits and credits), job responsibilities, cleanliness (bathing, washing clothes, cleaning room, washing and ironing clothes), vegetable and flower gardening, stitching (hand mending and machine), serving and cooking good food, art projects, dance, drama, debate, exercise, sports training, all with the intention of building healthy body and mind and character

MEDITATION programmes :
Various types of meditation and Yoga are taught and practiced :  Kai Japa Meditation, observing breath, listening to sounds,  Suryayog, eye-to-eye meditation, sacred sounds chanting, Aura purification exercises, Asanas and Pranayama.