Total Residential Education Programme

TREP is a non-profit, FREE residential educational programme

established to provide a ‘balanced education” in an ideal environment for the growth and development of underprivileged students of society.

The uniqueness of TREP, a balanced education programme , is that it not only gives free academic education but practical training in the areas of Values, Devotion and Life-Skills.

TREP students learn and practice self-reliance.  They do their own work at TREP – cleaning their rooms, toilets and premises, washing and ironing their own clothes, flower and vegetable gardening, tailoring and cooking.

Participating in weekly special competitions and programmes in singing, dancing, art, crafts, dramas, debates, general knowledge quizzes, spelling bees, interpreting quotations etc., all help to develop their level of self-confidence.

TREP also arranges regularly outings and tours to help expose and educate our youth in the value of nature, devotion and community service.

TREP is run by two charitable organisations both inspired and motivated by the philosophy and teachings of Sri Sadguru Sai Shankar (1935-1986).

People’s Trust,  ( established in 1982, is a charitable village development service organization which provides the infrastructure and academic educational facilities while the Sai Shankar Loving Lights Trust (1999), is responsible for the day-to-day supervision, fundraising as well as the value, devotion and life-skill training programmes .

The Founder – Sri Sadguru Sai Shankar

Peetha portrait - Sriramanahalli large foto